October 19, 2007


Who says Grunge is Gen 13's sole provider of beefcake? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Burnout! Brought to you by Croup. Thanks for sharing!

According to him:
I bring more scans of the fine, fine men of Gen13, proving that there's tits AND pecs to be found in that series. Today we'll feature Bobby Lane, aka Burnout. The "sensitive man" of the team, introvert, sullen guitar player, and . . . incredibly hot (and not just because of his flame powers either).

The first page shows the team playfully honing their skills on a rental boat. Freefall is using her gravity powers to move a beachball through the air for a shirtless Burnout to use as target practice. Rainmaker slips some ice down Burnout's shorts to mess up his concentration. Fun! This page also features a shirtless Grunge, which makes it double hot.

Later, the team spots a plane flying out of control (these things happen around you when you're a superhero) and Burnout immediately shoots off to help.

However, due to the nature of his fire powers--he burns away his swimsuit in the process. He thus boards the plane commando. Burnout is apparently a fan of full-body waxes. More fun!

Once aboard, he (of course) gets into a fight with supervillains.

Later, he gets rescued by some hip-talking slang throwing (read: unintelligible) Californian gen-active chick. Afterwards, Bobby is left to his own devices where he'll presumably, I dunno, go find some pants or something.


Anonymous said...

superheroes have it so bad lol one problem after another

Gaybixa said...

He's very hot..
Put more hotos with him back.. If you understando me..

Anonymous said...

What issue was this in? =3


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