July 1, 2011

Boy of Steel, Shirt of Cotton

Brooklyn kindly shares with us some scans featuring Superboy. One of the benefits of wearing an ordinary shirt instead of spandex is that it gets easily damaged during battle, thus providing us with ample fanservice. Cue fangirl (and boy) *squee*.

Conner & the rest of the Supergang during Reign of Doomdays. Scanned from Action Comics # 902.

Helping out Ravager in Teen Titans #96.

A flashback from Superman #712.


Arion said...

Yay, Superboy!

DAN said...

That damn Superboy, he never wants to take his shirt all the way off, we'll all know it's still him even if his 'S' is not on him, LOL! ;)

pandesal said...

I know, right? Isn't it better to just be shirtless instead of having the tattered remains of his shirt clinging to him.

Fábio Alves said...

Man, I loved all these images!

I love Conner for life.

Thank you!

Jay Pandesal said...

You're welcome! Hopefully, I'll be able to post more Kon scans soon. :)


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