July 9, 2011

Spider-Man & X-Men in the Savage Land

The X-Men and Spider-Man visit the Savage Land and you know what that means: bare chested heroes! Whenever the X-Men go to the Savage Land, the shirts come off (and if they don't, we'll at least get an appearance by the hunky Ka-Zar). In X-Men & Spider-Man: Savage Land, Warren Worthington (aka Angel/Archangel), Ka-Zar & Dr. Karl Lykos (Sauron) are shirtless. Pity that Spidey kept his suit on the whole time.


DAN said...

Hubba Hubba! Savage Land thanks for the hotness! The God of the Savage Land MUST be Gay I swear, LOL! ;)

Arion said...

Ah, those strange old gods .


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