July 28, 2011

Shirtless Hawkeye with Bow

Scan's from Hawkeye Vol. 2 #3 (his second limited series) in which he gets a new costume, but not before practicing with his bow, bare-chested.


DAN said...

I'm not sure Jeremy Renner can live up to this level of legendary level character hotness. Acting wise maybe he can pull it off but not appearance wise, Renner's not even blonde, not really feeling this Avengers casting choice for sure. I think Clint here deserves better screen representation.

pandesal said...

I know how you feel, DAN. Renner doesn't really look like Clint Barton from the regular Marvel Universe. But I think when you take into account that this movie series is probably adapting the Ultimate universe instead of good ol' Earth-616, Renner's casting actually makes sense.

The biggest clue for me that the upcoming Avengers flick is an adaptation of the Ultimates is that Nick Fury is black and is played by Samuel L. Jackson, who's actually one of the inspirations for Ultimate Nick Fury in the comics. (Perfect casting!)

Ultimate Hawkeye isn't as hot as Hawkeye-616, take a look. He's not even blond. I think they actually designed him not to be handsome.

I was also worried that Renner may be a miscast because he doesn't look particularly fit which Ultimate Hawkeye definately is (why else would he want to show off those arms all the time?) and then I saw this
poster from Comic Con 2011
. Mr. Renner has been working out!

César Hernández-Meraz said...

Nick Fury is definitely using the looks from Ultimate (which uses the looks from Samuel L. Jackson). But the movies are not based on Ultimate. At least not completely.

Just look at Thor. A lot of things came almost straight from stories in the comics.

I think they will look for what will work, and they would certainly use stories from both Universes to achieve the best adaptation.

And movie Clint is old and not cute...

César Hernández-Meraz said...

"I think they actually designed him not to be handsome."

Perhaps, perhaps not.

That is Bryan Hitch, right? I cannot say I really like his style that much. At least when it comes to "handsome" men. His Johnny Storm looks weird, I think. It could be the same here.

DAN said...

Hitch's Apollo and Hawksmoor (and some other guys too) in his Stormwatch & Authority runs always looked hot. But yeah his Marvel work looked very rough around the edges compared to his earlier Wildstorm work. :(

pandesal said...

I totally agree with you guys regarding Bryan Hitch. He's a great artist, no doubt about that, but his faces look weird.


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