July 19, 2011

Ka-Zar in Shorts?

Here are some scans from Ka-Zar's late 90's ongoing series. From some inexplicable reason, jungle lord Kevin Plunder wears a shorts under his loincloth. What the hell was up with that?! Luckily he still looks good shirtless. And luckier still, after this series ended Ka-Zar ditched the shorts and went back to his trademark loincloth only garb. The following scans are from Ka-Zar #1 & #2.


DAN said...

I enjoyed this series back when it came out, but the shorts annoy me still, he needs to be in a loincloth. The little bit of chest hair was a nice touch though.

steverm said...

Beautifully drawn, very realistic nipples. TOTALLY hot.


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