July 28, 2011

Killraven by Alan Davis

Let's take a moment here to spotlight just how much hotter Alan Davis made Killraven and his crew in his Killraven 2002 limited series. For those not in  the know, Killraven is from one of Marvel's post-apocalyptic futures (usually from Earth-691), in which Earth has been invaded by Martians. His first costume was pretty sexy, since he basically wore half a shirt. Well in Killraven, Mr. Davis gives him  an even sexier outfit! He got rid of the pants all together and Killraven and the gang seem to be clad in Warlord of Mars inspired costumes!

It was later revealed that this not the same Killraven we've read about in the past but an alternate interpretation of the character from yet another dimension, Earth-2120.


DAN said...

Loved this mini ssoooo much! Too bad it couldn't have been 8-12 issues instead because some supporting characters like Carmilla got a bit short changed subplot-wise compared to the original Killraven series in Amazing Adventures.

pandesal said...

Yeah, I would have really loved it if this had been an ongoing series. We'd have an abundance of scans featuring Killraven & Krew in sexy outfits!


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