July 28, 2011

Ka-Zar & Angel

Here are a couple more blond Marvel hunks courtesy of Arion.

First, we have a couple of scans from Ka-Zar #1 featuring the titular loincloth-clad hero and his family. This limited series is currently running.

And here , we have a couple of covers from the Angel: Revelations limited series in which Warren looks like he's anorexic or something.


DAN said...

Lovely Ka-Zar & Shanna, but Warren looks real bad, give him a burger or something fast LOL, I think that Horsewoman of Apocalypse named Famine got to him or something! ;)

pandesal said...

I know, right?! What is up with those covers?

Arion said...

The whole Angel miniseries is that way. Who wants to see more of it?


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