April 12, 2009

Marvel Martial Artists

Marvel comics isn't all about mutant powers and super soldiers, there are some pretty good martial artist that populate Earth-616 too, Jharen shares with us these scans featuring Marvel's most famous fighters.

First up, "The Master of Kung-Fu" himself, Shang Chi.

Here's Luke Cage with his shirt off, showing of his hairy chest.
And last but not least, a shirtless Iron fist sparring with White Tiger.

1 comment:

Xavier said...

That's one of the rare time that Luke Cage was drawn with some chesthair. Toot bad it's not more often.
And it was also one of the few times that a character played so close with zoophilia (White Tiger being in reality a tiger that could transform into (the body of) a woman, if I understood correctly)


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