October 8, 2010

Arion vs Wyynde

Here are some scans from Arion: Lord of Atlantis #01. For a sorcerer, Arion sure had a lot of shirtless scenes. I guess it comes naturally since his book was spun off of Warlord.  Here he is fighting his future ally,  the perpetually shirtlessWyynde.


Hushicho said...

One of my favourite books from my youth! I always loved Arion because he was an awesome sorceror and yet also somehow ended up getting half-naked all the time. It was pretty hilarious, looking back. But you're totally right, it shouldn't be a surprise since his book was a spin-off of Warlord!

pandesal said...

glad you liked it, Hushicho! i have more arion stuff to post.


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