April 10, 2008

Titans #1: Beast Boy & The Flash

The New Teen Titans-era team is back! Yay! And they're hotter that ever, thanks to art by Ian Churchill.

Ever since the Wolfman/Perez run, the Titans have been a great source of beefcake and cheesecake. I'm happy to report that this tradition is alive and will in the current series. in Titans #1 alone we got Gar in bed, Wally in the shower and Kory fully nude! You'd have to go elsewere for the last one though. This blog has a strict "beefcake only" policy ;)

Special thanks to her royal cattiness, the Princess Selina Desire for these great scans.

Here's the ever hairy Gar, love the sideburns.

And now Mr. Wally West. Check out the ginder armpit hair!


Lagosta said...

Great minds think alike. I had a post with scans from that issue ready to go but I hadn't posted it yet. Seeing your post made me decide to put up mine too.

Vaughn Michael said...

Wowza It's nice to see some beast boy who doesn't look like a retarded Anime Troll for once.
But really did they need to give him back hair! ick!
People always messin' with one of my fave boys.

Anonymous said...

Nightwing looked hot in this issue too! At last an artist who isn't afraid to draw anatomically correct men's bodies, bulges in lycra and all!!
Artists should remember that grown men in lycra bulge!

Eric said...


Lol, seems like somebody's been looking into some tentacle yaoi for that last pic :-)

Definitely Japanese inspired... and the fact that it's sexy Wally, and awesomely drawn makes it *so* hot.

I am so downloading this comic.

pandesal said...

Yeah, Lagosta, you should post your scans too, like I always say: Share the eye candy!

Vaughn Michael, I agree! Gar looks so hot in this issue! I'm glad they're finally drawing him as a man instead of a hairy little man-child.

Anonymous guy, I'm sad to say that Churchill will not say on the Titans book for long. I think issue #2 will be his last. I'm so disappointed! Think of all the wonderful beefcake we'll never get to see! And also I agree that Churchill men as sexy (his women are too, BTW). I like that almost all of them have body hair. In fact his Wally West is one of the few smooth guys I've seen him draw. Everybody else has fur.

Eric, you definitely should download this issue (or maybe even buy it). The art is pretty!

Get X said...

How can anyone not like the Wally West/Red demonic ooze pic? A strange substance slithering all over him.

Anonymous said...

CAn someone post some more of Mr. Wally West?
Even better the whole comic


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