April 10, 2008

Aric of Dacia, XO Manowar

Here's some gratuious nudity from Valiant Comic's resident visogoth barbarian cum futuristic armor wearer, Aric of Dacia aka XO Manowar. Look at all them pretty bare butt shots! Special thanks to Get X for sharing these scans with us.

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Get X said...

Valiant Comic's X-O Manowar was a story about a Visogoth barbarian named Aric from the providence of Dacia around the year 1000AD or so who is abducted by spider aliens and enslaved on their mothership while 1000 years pass on Earth. During an escape, Aric finds the alien's most powerful weapon...a living armor of technology known as the X-O Manowar. Using the armor, Aric would return to Earth and try to adjust to the new time setting. He was a barbarian out of place with all the power in the world!

And as cool as Aric looked inside the X-O armor, he looked his best out of the armor and with absolutely no clothing on. Aric (even after being civilized) was the kind of character that was usually naked underneath the armor, and even still, when he removed the armor he would continue on naked. I just love how Aric has no problem with being nude and sees nothing wrong with running around buck naked. And since Valiant Comics was trying to reach out to a mature audience with this title, they very rarely censored his nudity. Aric Dacia completely buck-naked with his bare ass in all its glory!


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