March 29, 2014

Rick Jones in a Towel

In Incredible Hulk #415, Rick Jones is having a Shower of Angst when an uninvited guest turns up... his great, great Granddaughter!


Arion said...

Such an amazing sequence.
And for some reason I can't identify who the artist is.

Shirtless Pandesal said...

Hi Arion,

The artist is Gary Frank. His early work seems a bit different than his current stuff.

César Hernández-Meraz said...

I really liked Gary Frank at around the end of the Pantheon's saga. His Atalanta was beautiful, and so was Agamemnon (dunno if there are any shirtless pics of him).

This may be some issues before then, I guess. Rick does not look as cute as he could when being drawn by him.


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