January 24, 2013

Spider-Man & Kaine Gunshow!

Brendan shares with us another great commissioned piece featuring Peter Parker & his clone Kaine bare-chested and flexing their muscles! (I love it!). He contributes to this awesome block called Looks like a job for which features superheroes stripping out of their clothes!

Here's some background info on this piece according to Brendan:

Peter Parker, better known as the Amazing Spider-Man, and his brother Kaine, a.k.a The Scarlet Spider, peel down and tie off their respective costumes at the waist in order to have a friendly competition as to who has got the bigger muscles. Hard to choose between them. Artwork by Lan Medina, who has contributed his pencils to Marvel Comics.


DAN said...

Fantastic art, wish Lan was working on some book I read! And nice to see you back posting again! :)

pandesal said...

Yeah, I love Lan's work too. Gonna look for more beefcake pieces by him.

And sorry for the unexpected hiatus, DAN. There was just a personal issue I had to attend to.

Arion said...

Yes! The blog is back! I must admit I had sort of lost hope, and I haven't checked for new updates for months. This is great, and I absolutely love that Medina commission.


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