January 24, 2013

Strong Guy: Naked in Public!

Our good friend Croup over at Soup Goblin's Stash (NSFW) sent in these great scans featuring Strong Guy. some nice CFNM & public nudity right here!

Accordinf to Croup:
They feature Guido Carosella, aka Strong Guy, getting ready to take a shower. Before he can step into the tub though, he's nabbed by his former boss (and interstellar teleporter) Lila Cheney! It seems she wants him back in her employ as bodyguard . . . and thinks the best way to convince him is to parade him around naked in front of an alien rock concert? I'm not quite sure I follow her logic, but you've gotta give her credit for style.  
Afterwards he's teleported back and his naked butt is then seen by Polaris, who doesn't seem to really mind! All in all, a good day for the ladies of X-Factor. 


DAN said...

Funny and sexy, proof positive that not ALL '90's X-Books were bad, Excalibur, X-Force, & X-Factor all had some great periods during comics' worst decade overall. This brought back good pre-teen memories! XD

pandesal said...

Oh, I loved the 90's era X-Books. They all had their own tone. Excalibur was whimsical, X-Force was testosterone city and X-Factor was cheeky fun. Its a shame that we really don't have that kind of variety in the X-Books today.


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