September 18, 2007

Nightwing, Jericho & Ryand'r

From New Teen Titans V2 #16, Jericho and a heartbroken Nightwing are on Tamaran with Starfire who's getting married to a Karras (it's an arranged marriage). Dick, Joe and Ryand'r are minding their own business when Blackfire's men ambush them.

I love Tamaran, mainly because wearing skimpy clothes is the status quo, but alas, the artist forgot to draw nipples on the boys. That's so annoying!


Stephen Rader said...

Yep, where's Joel Schumacher when you need him!!! :)

pandesal said...

LMAO! :)

He might have ruined the Batman franchise, but at least he brought the sexy!

Lady Nilamarthiel said...

Goodness gracious, does Joey have some sideburns on 'im. :o


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