September 24, 2007

More Gambit!

From X-Men (2nd series) #171. Gambit and Rogue are in telepathic therapy, they want to try to have physical contact (in their minds). Remy would be happy if they just held hands, Rogue however wants to try to "do everything". After a lifetime of not being able to have any physical contact, I don't blame her. Plus it's Gambit! Who wouldn't want to "do everything" with him?

But as soon as they kiss, Rogue begins to absorb Remy's thoughts:

Rogue absorbs Gambit's lifeforce and the ragin' cajun is reduced to withered skin and bones. Luckily its only a telepathic therapy session.

Some time later as shirtless Gambit is still laying asleep in Emma Frost's office. Rogue says that he looks like a beautiful corpse (weird girl.)

Later still, Gumbo is in the shower when Foxxy (a new student) appears trying to seduce him. Hands off Rogue's man, bitch!



X-Men said...

Gambit is so freaking hot. I love how he looks! I can't wait for more shirtlessness!

steverm said...



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