September 13, 2007

Apollo & Midnighter in Feudal Japan

Apollo and Midnighter as ronin in feudal Japan. Weird, I know. From Midnighter #6.


Stephen Rader said...

I LOVED this issue of MIDNIGHTER!!! If you get more scans from this issue, post 'em or let me know. This issue was HOT in SO many ways!

pandesal said...

I liked that issue too, It was just strange to have an elseworlds story that didn't have anything to do with the main wildstorm characters.

The only nitpick I have is that the Japanese characters thought it was odd that M&A had a homosexual relationship when it was common during that era, specially for samurai.

BTW, I do have other scans of that issue, if you want I can send them to you. Just email me:

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Garth Ennis should read a fucking book and he should get one for Frank Miller while he's at it.

A perfect example of what a moron Frank Miller is in 300 when Leonidas calls the Atheans 'boy-lovers' when in reality the Spartans and more specifically its army practically invented this 'custom'.

I guess distorting the truth isn't a problem when you're trying to make a point, right? But that's to be expected from someone who believes a female character can only be a prostitute or a stripper and that all male characters should be animals.

pandesal said...

I also hate the historical inaccuracies when it comes to homosexual relationships. Feudal Japan and Ancient Greece were much less homophobic than how they were depicted in Midnighter & 300. Sadly, the homophobia in these books reflect modern day societal sensitivities rather than the more tolerant ancient civilizations they try to depict.

BTW, I think your description of Frank Miller's work is dead on.


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