September 4, 2007

Kyle Rayner in Briefs

From Green Lantern #144. Kyle has gotten so powerful that an energy field has surrounded him, making him oblivious to the outside world. Inside his little world, Kyle floats around in briefs. Meanwhiles Jade, Allan Scott and John Stewart try to communicate with him. He should really be naked because that would make more sense, but alas, we'll that any beefcake we can get. Art by Dale Eaglesham.


Tomas said...

Hey there, just wanted to drop a line and say that I've been lurking your blog for some days already, it's really original and I like it a lot.
specially the nude ones hehe.
If you want you can check my own blog, it's about my drawings. I hope you will like them.
take care!

pandesal said...

Thanks! I'm glad your enjoying the blog! Your blog is pretty cool too, I've linked to it.

Tomas said...

thanx a lot! ;D
I'll keep checkin your for interesting updates~


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