September 7, 2007

Mimic (Exiles)

Here are some scans from Exiles #51. The team teleports into a new reality, where this world's version of Destiny knows all about them. The Brotherhood comes up with a plan to use the Exiles to break out their leader, the Big M (who everyone assumes is Magneto). They kidnap Blink and Mystique takes her place. So, in the first scan Mimic unknowingly has had sex with her. (Man, no matter what dimension you are in, Mystique is a ho!)

Blink eventually escapes and goes to The Vault (a prison for super-humans) to prevent the Brotherhood from rescuing their leader. It turns out "the Big M" isn't Magneto, but this demension's version of Mimic!

When the Exiles and the Brotherhood break into the Vault,the Big M uses telepathy to see into Mimic's mind.

In the end, his little trip into his counterpart's memories helped him reform. He later founded his dimensions version of Xavier's school.

Sorry for the in-dept summary. I just liked this issue a lot.


Anonymous said...

your site is so fabulous.
i really love it.
by the way, do you have the issue of WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #75 where Spider-Man gets kicked in his balls by Bora who is a female villain?
That nut shot scene is kind of hot.

pandesal said...

Thanks for the compliment! It is much appreciated.

Unfortunately, I don't have scans of that issue, I'll check with our contributors if they have it.


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