September 22, 2008

The Men of Fabletown: Boy Blue

The parade of shirtless/naked Fable men continues, this installment features the twinkalicious Boy Blue. Many thanks to Alekz for the scans.

According to him:
Boy Blue, he is a major character . He is based on the nursery rhyme character Little Boy Blue. Here is his butt after been tricked into bed, beaten and in the hosital after that. (he looks young but hes not that young)


Lan Avis said...

Thanks for this. He is hot and definitely not a minor (technically he's 100s of years old, but in a sexy 20-something year old package)

pandesal said...

Oh, so he's supposed to be in his 20's? I thought he was in his teens. I must (shamefully) admit that I haven't much Fables. Maybe I should pick up some TPBs.


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