September 22, 2008

Dick Grayson in the Titans Pool

The moment I have been waiting for since the new Titans book was launched finally arrived... The return of the Titans pool! That thing is a beefcake (and cheesecake) goldmine! And who else is soaking in it but the hunk wonder himself, Dick "I'm too sexy for my shirt" Grayson! (Oh, and Kory's in there too). Special thanks to her royal cattiness, the Princess Selina Desire for these scans from Titans #5. 

Edited on 9/26/16 to replace old images with better quality scans.


become_a_superhero said...
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steverm said...


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Dick Grayson is a hottie, but when I looked at these scans, I couldn't help notice that he looked very similar to Kyle Raynor.
Is this just me or does anyone else see it?

Ron in Michigan

pandesal said...

Yeah, Kyle and Dick tend to look a like, specially in the early days when Kyle basically had the same haircut as Dick. But now Kyle sports a shorter hair style that makes him easier to distinguish from Nightwing.

I'm more concerned about his Starfire's height in these scans. She's suppose to be a big amazonian alien. She's used to tower over Dick.

Tony Z™ said...

Damn. Julian Lopez's men are almost as hot as Ivan Reis'!!


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