September 6, 2008

Graviton & The Living Laser

Dermie shares more Marvel villain flesh. These scans feature Graviton and the Living Later, villains that pester the Thunderbolts and the Avengers respectively.

According to Dermie:
We've got some scans of Graviton from THUNDERBOLTS #29-30. The first scan has Graviton with his prisoner Moonstone, trying to win her approval. The next scans are after the T-Bolts, and his powers blast his clothes off before his powers collapse in on himself, banishing him into an other dimension.

Next is a scan of classic Avengers foe the Living Laser (back before he got turned into a being of pure energy), from AVENGERS ANNUAL #6. The Laser is demonstrating some of his new his underwear, for some reason (not that I'm complaining ;P).

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