September 13, 2008

Chamber is a Pretty Boy

Chamber looks hot when his face is whole. Even he, himself thinks so. Look at him gawk at himself in these scans brought to you by Jharen.


steverm said...

Well you have to admit: Chamber has good taste!

Perfect example of the "nipple inferred by shape of pec meat" in the "I doubt youll ever meet someone so happy to be able to floss again" panel. SUH WEET!

Anonymous said...

Just from reading the panels in this post I am wondering...Is Chamber gay? The "pretty boy" comments are rather a giveaway, but I am still asking for the confirmation.

Rob in Michigan

pandesal said...

LOL! Nope, Jono is straight. He used to be jawless, as in he's missing part of his face, that's why he's gawking at himself in the mirror and Cannonball calls him pretty. And the "docs" that CB mentions are probably doctors, not some gay guys Jono spent the night with. Now that would be interesting!


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