November 29, 2007

Spidey in Briefs

Peter Parker gets ready for bed in Web of Spider-Man #31. Special thank to Hans, operator of the Hans is Great blog (great blog name! I'm jealous.)


antoniosugizo said...

Hey, I actually recognized that one, it's from "Kraven's last hunt"! Mike Zeck art! ^__^

I went through the archives and it seems it's the first time you post anything from that storyline, and it's just sooo full of beef it's really quite incredible. Seriously, it's a real treat: naked/shirtless Kraven plus naked/shirtless Peter and some homoeroticism to boot! Wow!

So yeah, I can't scan my tpb cause, well, I'm totally scannerless, but hey, there's always scans_daily:


None of the naked-peter pages over there though... Anyway, it's a must buy!

Keep Well!


pandesal said...

Thanks for all the info and the links, Nio! I should have recognized Mike Zeck's awesome art. So this storyline is full of man flesh, huh? I need to get my hands on those issues!

I do have a TPB of the story arc after "Kraven's Last Hunt" called "Soul of the Hunter" and there are some awesome shirtless shots of Peter in that as well. I better post scans of that, ASAP!


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