November 23, 2007

Booster Gold & Blue Beetle Hyjinks

And now, the awesome comedic stylings of Gold and Blue! The Booster Gold and Blue Beetle friendship is one of my favorite relationships in comics. They were a great comedic duo. I'm still pissed that DC offed Ted! This post is dedicated to Robert M, who enjoys Booster beefcake.

From Justice League America (International) #67. The following scans start off with Booster shirtless and ends with the both boys tied up wearing only thier undies! Context? Fine. Booster is in Ted's lab where the latter puts a tracking device on Booster's shirt (hence his shirtlessness.)

Ted's all paranoid and Booster tells him off for not being as fun as he used to be.

So to prove that Ted's still the fun-loving guy we all know and love, the best buds decide to play a prank on the members of their sister team, the Justice League Europe. They plan to teleport to the JLE's headquarters and pretend that the trasporter has spiced them.

But JLE members Flash and Power Girl are not amushed. With a little speed force magic, the two practical jokers are stripped to their underwear, tied up with their own costumes and are teleported back to the JLA base, where their teammates nag them for their childishness.


ROBERT M. said...

thank you !!!! for booster gold pics,

pandesal said...

My pleasure, good sir!

Adam Costello said...

Love these pics the best! Love Hairy chested Booster Gold ^///^

And I would love to spy on him during 'intimate moments' or be a part of it. ;)

A he wears blue briefs? Nice :D


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