November 30, 2007

Roy Harper & Donna Troy

I miss Roy and Donna as a couple. These two should totally hook up again. Here are scans of them from The Titans #9, featuring a shirtless Roy. Yay! (These scans are form the same issue as my first ever Roy Harper post.)

Edited on 07/05/2018, images replaced with better scans.


Shelly said...

I always loved Roy and Donna as a couple, even more than I love Ollie and Dinah as a couple or Babs and Dick when they were a couple.

Roy's been drawn with and without chest hair. Of course, now he has bullet scars that artists are likely to forget, same as they don't bother with his Navaho tattoo on his arm.

Nice to know I'm not the only fan of Roy and Donna as a twosome.

pandesal said...

Of all guys they have paired Donna up with, Roy is my favorite. Kyle was great too but in the DC Universe, a woman who has sex with Kyle is doomed to die a horrible death (Alex, Jade, even Donna too). I'm not too crazy about Jason Todd and lets not even mention Terry Long.

I hate it when they forget to draw Roy's tatoo. It's a nice reminder of the origin of the character, not to mention that heroes rarely have tatooes, so it makes Roy stand out. But I'm not a big fan of the bullet scars, I don't care if they draw them or not.


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