November 16, 2007

Johnny Storm, Wet!

Hello all! I'm back and ready to provide you with your regularly scheduled dose of comic book beefcake! Sorry to all the readers and contributors for the delay.

Anyhoo, lets start things off with good ol' Johnny Storm, here he is sunbathing and minding his own business when suddenly, Ben hits him with a huge ass water balloon.

And he's another page from the ish (forgot the issue number, sorry) which has a panel that features Reed hugging a shirtless Johnny form behind. Slash-tastic!


Doyler said...

Glad your back man. Was missing my superhero hottie updates and you come back with Johnny Storm. Sweeeeeeeeeet!

Nice have you back


pandesal said...

Thanks, Doyler! I figured I'd start with Johnny since he's a real hottie. So sorry for the bad pun ;)

steverm said...

I think this style is super impressive: large nipples, nicely muscled pecs. In the top frame you can notice a right nipple ONLY if you care to look. The artist is appealing to the true detail fan. IMPRESSIVE.

pandesal said...

The artist was Mike Wierigno, who unfortunately passed away last August. I've always loved his art. He will be truly missed.


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