July 28, 2007


It's the 100th post, people! And what better way to celebrate this milestone than to post some scans of the Man of Steel himself?

Now these are not my scans, the first 4 pics were posted by zefula and the last one by tamas_samar in the old yahoo group. I don't know which issues they're from, so if you do, please let us know.


Winter said...

The first two are drawn by Ian Churchill so they are probably from issues of Action from about 2 years ago. The 3rd is from John Byrne so that could go back as far as the Superman reboot in 1986-89 or so in either Superman or Action.

Not sure about the 4th pic. The 5th has Guy Gardner next to him in his "Warrior" personna which didn't last very long and could come either from that book or maybe one of the Justice League titles. Still it's a rather bizarre thought to imagine Supes hanging out poolside in a speedo with Guy Gardner, eh?

pandesal said...

Thanks for all the information, winter. This will definately help me find out what the exact issue numbers are.

And Supes and Guy poolside? Weird, but hot.


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