July 28, 2007

Multiple Man

Jamie Madrox and some strategically place notes.


Sidious said...

Heh heh.
Nice. ^_^
I gotta ask.
Where did this fun little image come from?

pandesal said...

Oops! Forgot to site the source. It's from X-Factor #79.

Sidious said...

I looked that issue up and think I might try to buy it.
I love scenes of embarrassment nudity (Especialy for heroe characters)so i'm hopeing something like that is whats happening here. ^_^
By the way, I think I might have one or two comic scans you might be interested in.
I'd love to contribute if you'd let me. ^_^

pandesal said...

Everybody's welcome to contibute! You can just send it to my email address: greenwinger03@yahoo.com. I'll make sure you get credit.


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