July 31, 2007

Human Torch Nude

From Spider-Man Adventures which adapted the 90's cartoon into comics. Johnny Storm burns off his street clothes. This full page scan is brought to you by the Dark Lord Sidious. Many thanks, my Lord.


Sidious said...

I hope you enjoyed that! ^_^
I love Johnny and Spidey!
And I love to see both of them in amuseing situations like this!
I hope it amused you as well.

pandesal said...

Oh, I enjoyed it! I've always thought Johnny Storm was one of the hottest (pun intented) Marvel heroes. And I've always liked Spidey in every incarnation (except the Tobey Maguire one). Plus, embarassment nudity turns me on. So as you came see, I really liked your scan! Thanks again for contibuting!

Sidious said...

You like embarassment nudity too?
Awsome! ^_^
I'm so glad that someone else shares my love for it.

By the was, I have just started my own blog...


And I placed a link to your blog on there. Is that ok with you?

Maybe you'll like my blog.
It's focus is yaoi, comic slash and embarrasment nudity all mixed together.
Theres nothing really there at the moment since I just started it and it dosent look all that great but i'm hopeing to get it up and running soon. ^_^

pandesal said...

Sounds like a great blog! I'll link to it. And thanks for linking to my blog too.

pandesal said...

Okay, I just visited your blog, and... It. Is. Awesome! Great artwork! I's definately gonna link to it.

Sidious said...

Oh thank you so much! ^_^
I'm glad you likeed it!

I have a question for you.
Would you mind if I posted some of my faveorite "Embarrassment" scans from Shirtless Superheroes in my blog?
I would give both you and the origonal contributor full credit.

pandesal said...

By all means, take what you want. "Share the eye candy", is what I always say.

Sidious said...

Thanks a lot! ^_^
I'll probably post a few scans in a little while!

I cant wait to see your next post of scans. ^_^


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