July 24, 2007

Power Boy

Okay, I know that technically, Power Boy is not shirtless, but damn is he hot! And he's got a hole in the middle of his costume to show off his hairy cleavage. That counts for something right? Scans from Supergirl V5 13-15.

Yeah he's is hot. Too bad he turned out to be a psycho.


Tina said...

Well, those are the super-dudes you're going to attract when you fly around town dressed like a pole-dancer. ^_^ Has a normal guy ever been attracted to Supergirl?

pandesal said...

Well put Tina. Kara does dress like a stripper! She had it coming.

Tina said...

Well, I don't know if she had coming more than... she was asking for it! (^_^)

I mean really, it's all in the uniform. Cheerleaders wearing their outfits tend to hand out with 'jocks' wearing their outfits. It's like subconscious cosplay, and you're bound to attract the nutbars, male or female.

*sigh* The only sane man wearing spandex these days is Flash.

Tony Z™ said...

Y'know. I wanted to love Power Boy. But he was always drawn by Ian Churchill, and it was hard for me to get past that. Probably why I wasn't too upset when he turned out to be a badguy.
I did love the idea of the costume. And maybe if he'd been drawn by someone who could draw hot guys, I'd be drooling.

pandesal said...

Tony, I feel the exact opposite. I think I liked Power boy because of the way Churchill drew him. I've always liked his work. To each his own I suppose.

Tony Z™ said...

Have you seen the preview art for Titans East?


Bet you're kinda excited! ;0)

pandesal said...

I haven't seen that! Thanks for the link.

Regular Power Boy beefcake by Ian Churchhill. Can't wait. I hope Winick writes a lot of shirtless scenes.


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