June 16, 2007


Welcome to Shirtless Superheroes! A blog dedicated to images of shirtless men in comics. For our first post I present to you DC Comics' number one hunk, Nightwing by George Perez.

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GeorgeTSLC said...

From the signature on the pic, that George, not Geroge (which IS my number-1 typo for my own name).
--George in SLC

pandesal said...

Heh! Thanks. That was my bad. I've corrected the spelling now. Apologies to you and all the other George's out there.

Sarafimm said...

How do we contact you? I have several comics scanned and could send you some images to post to your blog.

Ultimate Xmen No40 Page 4 and 5 has a nice spread of Angel.

Ultimate Xmen No53 Page 17 has a nice pic of Wolverine.

Wolverine No20 Wolverine is barechested as he fights Sabretooth.

Wolverine TPB No3 has several nice pics of a barechested Wolverine.

pandesal said...

Hey, Sarafimm! Thanks for your interest in contributing. You can send the scans at this email address:



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