June 29, 2007

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 1

Some assorted beefcake from the four Marvel Swimsuit Specials. I love these issues, mostly because unlike other comic book swimsuit specials, it features male superheroes! Its more or less 50% male, 50% female. Equal opportunity ogling! It's a pity they don't make them anymore.

Wolverine surrounded by chicks:

Northstar with his trunks around his neck:

Quasar, cosmic surfing:

The Human Torch barbecuing:

Dr. Strange sunbathing indoors:


Tony Z™ said...

I'd expect no less from P. Craig Russell.

But "go" Steve Lightle!! He definitely needs to draw men in speedos more often!! Grrrr!

Anonymous said...

Northstar coloured by me :)

hope you'll like it


pandesal said...

i love it! Good job. Joe Phillips really knows how to draw hot guys.

And i love your blog, naruto, I'm gonna link to it.


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