November 2, 2013

Spider-Man's Amazing Pajama Pants

It must be awesome to have an alien symbiote. You never have to put any effort into changing clothes, though the part when it goes crazy and takes over your mind, yeah thats not so awesome.

In Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #4 Peter's so pooped, he just transforms his costume into PJ bottoms. Oh Pete, why did you even bother, you should have gone naked to bed.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're updating again. I would always come by every few days to see if anything had changed.

Hope you fill this thing with more beefcake before you do another vanishing act

pandesal said...

Thanks, man! And sorry for disappearing. Sometimes real life gets in the way. I hope to continue posting on a regular basis.

Arion said...

Excellent! I'm glad to see the blog is back on track.

I sent you an email in 2013, I think. I don't know if you got it.


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