November 2, 2013

Beware the Shirtless Batman

I'm glad we didn't have to wait long for some Bruce Wayne beefcake in Beware the Batman. Bruce has an extende shirtless scene in the very first episode! That alone has made me a loyal viewer, but it turns out the shows pretty awesome, so I would have watched it even without the eye candy. Hopefully we'll see him bare-chested in future episode as well. I mean, it would be a waste if they don't use this shirtless CGI model again if the have it available, right?


Anonymous said...

I hate to do this but...more than likely this show is getting cancelled.

Yeah, CN pulled it from their schedule, new episodes to air in January next year. Very similar to what happened to GL:TAS and the awesomely awesome Young Justice

pandesal said...

I agree, this does not bode well. At least we know that a full season has been ordered so we have that to look forward to. If Cartoon Network does decide to cancel the show, it will the the first Batman animated series to fail. Is CN trying to kill DC Nation?

Anonymous said...

There IS no DC Nation!

They had the perfect opportunity to create a two hour block of GL:TAS, YJ, BTB and TTG that could air from 10-12 every Saturday morning and maybe re-air GL and YJ in the evening for older audiences. But with those shows gone (Still is hope for YJ), DC Nation just consists of them hyping TTG.

Hell, try to get an answer from CN about what's happening with BTB and all they say is, "Tune in to Teen Titans Go!"


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