September 22, 2011

Shirtless Dick Grayson Gymnastics

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates! I've been super busy lately but I plan to regularly update the blog again soon. Thanks for all the email & comments you've sent (looking at you, steverm), I promise to read them when I have the time.

In the meantime, here's our first ever video post featuring a shirtless Dick Grayson doing some gymanstics. More to come soon...

Click on the image to view video:


icon-uk said...

Always a treat to spot barely dressed Dick Grayson enjoying himself working up a sweat! :)

DAN said...

Love this Batman cartoon, BTW, I have the new Nightwing #1 from DC and Dick doesn't take off his shirt at all, dammit!

Although in the New Teen Titans: Games HC (yes, it's FINALLY out) Dick gets shirtless for a couple pages near the end of the story! Squee, I knew George Perez wouldn't let us down, Games overall is good, I highly recommend it if you like classic NTT! :)

pandesal said...

@icon-uk, yeah Dick's has had numerous bare-chested training scenes in the comics, I was trilled to see that they did in this animated series too.

@DAN, Hi Dan! I too was disappointed that Dick wasn't shirtless in Nightwing #1. Dick needs to show some skin, that's just a fact! This new writer should read Wolfman's run, or Dixon's run, or Grayson's run. Hell, all other writers who've handled Dick (hehe!) have been pretty generous with the beefcake.

I'm glad to know that we do get some Dick shirtlessness in Games. And I think in addition to Mr. Perez, we also have to to thank Mr. Wolfman. The man writes good beefcake and cheesecake!

steverm said...

Super build, super clip. NICE!

Arion said...

I was getting worried about you. Nice to see you're updating the blog again.

PeruAlonso1 said...

Glad you're updating again. When you get the chance, can you put up "Beefcake Kevin" pics which include pictures of Kevin Levin from Alien Force's "Trade-Off" and Ultimate Alien's "Absolute Power"?

red_eye said...


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Anonymous said...

so, is this blog dead again? sad times :(

kevinfior said...

nice clip


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